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Sherpa.ai is an independent solution that leaves data ownership and control in the hands of the client. We believe that companies deserve to maintain their own brand identity and users, while accessing the state-of-the art technology developed by a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, to ensure that their products and services are competitive.


Sherpa.ai’s technology is business-focused and supports real-life business improvements based on clear methodologies. Our customizable platform can be easily integrated into any business and has been designed to create an exceptional user experience, in order to give our clients the tools to increase sales and improve operations.

  • Your PRIVACY

The security and privacy of our users’ information is a fundamental priority at Sherpa.ai. We combine expertise, vigilance, and consistency, in order to comply with all regulations in force. Securing your data is our greatest responsibility, and ensuring your peace of mind is at the core of everything we do.

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