1. Objective

The terms of use presented here (hereinafter the “General Conditions”), together with the Privacy Policy regulate the use of the website ‘’ (hereinafter the “Website”) owned by SHERPA EUROPE S. L.,Located at Legazpi 6, 48950 Erandio (Bizkaia), Spain. CIF Number B95673406 and registered at the “Registro Mercantil de Madrid” in Volume 5267, Page 76, Sheet BI59727 (hereinafter “SHERPA”).

The Website provides access to a number of leading scalable and versatile AI solutions owned by SHERPA (subject to their own license agreements), which make it easy for users to create and develop solutions tailored to their needs, through a set of APIs and SDKs that let developers access state-of-the-art AI and easily build AI-powered applications.

To be able to use all its features, users must register on the Website, accepting these General Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Both registered and unregistered users must comply with these General Conditions in all respects.

2. Use of the Website

The user can sign up in the Website by completing a form in which the user is required to provide a user name, email address, company (if applicable) and password. Once the form is completed and accepted the user will receive a link in an email sent to his or her email address to finish the registration process. The user should access the link to verify the email address given. Once the registration process is completed, the user can begin to use the Website in its entirety. Likewise, if the user subscribes to any of the Plans offered by SHERPA, the user must provide the following billing information: region/country, CIF, company name, full address and payment information (card number, name, expiration date and CVC). The payment data will be stored and processed by our payment service providers in a safe and confidential way.

To access the user account, the user should introduce his or her name and password. The use of the password is non-transferrable, so the transfer of the password to a third party is not permitted. This means that the user agrees to a diligent use of the password and also to maintain it a secret, assuming full responsibility for the consequences of divulging it to a third party. In the case that a user knows or suspects that his or her password is being used by a third party, the user should report the incident to SHERPA as soon as possible and change the password immediately.

By signing up in the Website, SHERPA grants the user a non-exclusive license, revocable and free for using the Website in your everyday life, within the terms and conditions established here.

3. Website functions

The Website offers the user a multitude of different services that allow him/her to access to different AI solutions developed by SHERPA. The effective access, download, development and integration of these solutions is subject to their own specific conditions and license agreements, to be signed in each case between the user and SHERPA depending on the AI solution used (SDKs, API, etc).

For some of the services provided, the Website obtains information and content from third parties that facilitates to the user. For the use of some of the functions, the Sherpa Application grants the user access to other services and websites, which belong to third parties.

4. User obligations

The user agrees to use the Website diligently, in complete accordance with the law, good habits, the General Conditions presented here and in each case, and when it applies, to code or policies established by SHERPA for the Website. The user, in particular, is subject to, but is not limited to abstaining from the following:

(a) reproducing, copying, distributing, permitting access to the public through any media of public communication, transforming or modifying any aspect of the Website, unless he or she has the authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights or they are legally permitted; (b) making and distributing copies of the application, trying to copy, reproducing, altering, modifying, performing reverse engineering, taking apart, transferring, exchanging or translating the Website or creating a project originating from the Website; (c) creating, completely or partially, products, applications or web services that directly compete with the Website or any SHERPA product; (d) carrying out any act that could be considered intellectual or industrial property rights infringement, belonging to SHERPA or a third party involved; (e) using any type of information obtained through the Website and/or the Website to send public announcements, transmit the information in order to sell it or with any other commercial purpose, messages that have not been produced or requested by SHERPA to a mass of people for any purpose, in summary the commercialization or divulging in any form of the information; SHERPA reserves the right to cancel or restrict the access of the Website to certain users, in cases when these General Conditions, the Law, the rules established by SHERPA or SHERPA’s collaborators are unfulfilled or those which disrupt the wellbeing, image, credibility and/or prestige of SHERPA and/or SHERPA’s collaborators. Therefore, SHERPA can place the responsibility of any damage done by the misuse of the Website onto the user.

5. Responsibility

SHERPA does not guarantee the availability, continuity or infallibility of the Website’s status of functioning, consequently and exclusively, any responsibility for any damage which may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the Website, in cases where the access to distinct web pages result in errors or the web pages that provided the aforementioned services. Up to what is permitted by the current law, the services performed by the Website will be provided “such as presented” and “according to availability”, with all of its possible defects, errors or interruptions. SHERPA will not be responsible in any case where the consequences have resulted from the misuse by a user of the Website.

The Website may redirect information, content, products and services of independent third parties, at the user’s disposal. SHERPA is not responsible for examining or evaluating the content, accuracy, integrity, validity, the author´s rights fulfillment, legality, decency, quality or any other aspect of the web pages and/or third parties’ content. SHERPA does not guarantee, support, assume or take responsibility for any content or web pages or any other materials, products or services belonged to the third parties. However, in the case that SHERPA has the knowledge of the unlawful or illegal nature of the content provided by third parties accessed through the Website, SHERPA will carry out the proper procedure by correcting, retracting or reporting the links.

6. Protection of information

All of the personal information that is provided by the users while registering to the Website will be collected, used and stored in accordance to the SHERPA Privacy Policy.

7. Intellectual and industrial property

All of the elements (photographs, models, illustrations, soundtracks, texts, logos, brands…) that are integrated on the Website just as the domain name are exclusive property of SHERPA and/or the third parties. Therefore, it remains prohibited to reproduce fully or partially, by means of any procedure, whatever the basis may be and/or the destination, distribution, publication, transmission, modification or sale of all or part of the elements of the Website, or to create products derived in part from these elements, without the expressed and written consent and authorization by SHERPA.

Throughout the Website there may be content that belongs to third parties which is subject to open licenses which allow the reuse of the content. Those are the cases, among others, of: Wikipedia, Dbpedia and other websites subject to the same “Creative Commons” licenses, in particular with the licensing “Reconocimiento-CompartirIgual (CC BY-SA)”, and the users accepts and consents to obey the use and restrictions contained in the aforementioned license.

8. Termination and cancellation

The users may remove themselves as users from the Website at any moment and for any reason without any type of penalty, by communicating the desire to cancel the subscription to SHERPA by sending an email to The use of this email address is limited to the cancellation of users and does not answer to technical service requests or consultation.

In case of communicating the desire of removal or cancelation of the SHERPA account by email, it shall only be valid the communications that are done from the same email account used to sign in. If the communication is done from a different email account, SHERPA shall not automatically process the removal, reserving its right to require any users identification document.

SHERPA may cancel any user’s account and restrict the access to the Website, at any time and without any warning given to the user, in the following cases: (a) If a user is not following the rules applied to the program, the General Conditions or any other policy established by SHERPA for regulating the Website and the Website; (b) If SHERPA has a justifiable suspicion that the information provided during the registration of a user is false or incomplete or it has been stolen; (c) If SHERPA receives a request or order from a competent authority; (d) If, due to causes not attributable to SHERPA, the Website need to be closed.

9. Modification of the General Conditions

SHERPA reserves the right to modify, update or review the General Conditions here presented for legal reasons, technical motives or for any change to the Website or in the access to the content or to the Website. Moreover to make modifications that may stem from the code of conduct that may be applied or, where necessary, decisions made for corporate strategies, the users will be notified of any changes related to the Website and its use.

10. Applicable legislation

The General Conditions presented here, just as the Privacy Policy of the Website, apply to everyone completely and are enforced by the Spanish Law.