Workspace API Reference

The Workspace API is a REST API that provides developers with a object storage solution, by using standard syntax technologies like HTTP Rest Services with a predefined set of URLs.

API Endpoint

All Workspace API endpoints will be served on

Authentication/authenticateAuthentication related functions
Storage/storageStorage service

Header Parameters

All the API calls have common parameters in the header.

Request HeaderMandatoryDescription
• lang: The ISO 639-1 language code in lowercase.
• country: The country/region code as an uppercase ISO-3166 2-letter code.
ex: en-GB, en-US, es-ES, es-MX
Time-ZoneUser’s time zone, in GMT +/- time or long format.
ex: GMT+1:00, Europe/Berlin
AcceptThe response format of the body
If required, the response will be in application/json format by default.
In some cases, we will require other formats, which will be specified in each method description.
Content-TypeThe request format of the body.
In most cases, it will be application/json. Otherwise, it will be specified in each method description.

1: See Authentication section. The specific header parameters will be defined on each API call.