How It Works

With, you can display Prebuilt Recommendations in your products and services. This service is based on a collection of common domains, composed of's own data and content. This functionality allows you to incorporate recommendations from’s collection of domains and integrate them into your operational systems. Employing our domains and selected content gives you the ability to offer contextual recommendations about traffic, movies, TV, weather, restaurants, and more to users, prioritizing results based on their tastes and location. See the next section with our own content recommendations collection.

Available Prebuilt Recommendation Domains


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Movies & Theatre

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TV Programming

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The Prebuilt Recommendation API is a REST API that provides developers with a framework and toolbox to formulate any request for, by using standard syntax technologies like HTTP Rest Services with a predefined set of URLs. You can use the Platform to create a prebuilt recommender just by using these endpoints.