Next Place

Get a user's next destination based on their routine and the data provided. Determine the length, duration, estimated time of arrival, and traffic-related information for said destination. The priorities taken into account are:

  • Destination provided in the destination data
  • Route based on the user's daily routine


Request HeaderMandatoryDescription
AuthorizationAn authentication type followed by an access token.
ex: Basic 73dbb14a-50d9-4277-897e-6cb48258d258
See Authentication section.
Sherpa-Request-InfoSpecific header where parameters are grouped in the form of a RequestInfo JSON object.
curl -X GET "" \
-H  "Authorization: Basic XXXX-SHERPA-TOKEN-XXXX" \
-H  "Accept-Language: en-US" \
-H  "Time-Zone: America/Los_Angeles" \
-H  "Sherpa-Request-Info:{\"lat\":37.4418800, \"lon\":-122.1430200}"


400Bad Request
429Too Many Requests
500Internal Server Error
503Service Unavailable
    "uuid": "be28948a-a008-4371-a618-cf233d93478d",
    "type": "ROUTES",    
    "itemTitle": "home",
    "itemSubtitle": "Regular traffic on US-101 N; 1625 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto <br> ETA: 8:13 AM",
    "itemText": "Here is a predicted route for you from work to home. Right now, the trafic is regular.",
    "name": "US-101 N; 1625 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto",
    "defaultName": true,
    "nameChanged": false,
    "source": {
        "name": "work",
        "latitude": 37.44188,
        "longitude": -122.14302
    "target": {
        "name": "home",
        "label": "home",
        "address": "636 Hyde Street, San Francisco",
        "completeAddress": "636 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. California, United States",
        "latitude": 37.78685278337589,
        "longitude": -122.41623591398218
    "startTime": 1586874600634,
    "modeOfTransportation": "CAR",
    "duration": 43,
    "durationUnit": "min",
    "durationIncrease": false,
    "length": 48.38384715588363,
    "lengthUnit": "km",
    "trafficStatus": "FLUID",    
    "trafficColor": "green",
    "validTrafficData": true,
    "trafficStatusChanged": false,
    "images": [
            "url": "https://xxxxxx.jpg",
            "copyright": "",
            "contentType": "image/jpeg"
            "url": "https://xxxx.jpg",
            "copyright": "",
            "contentType": "image/jpeg"
            "url": "https://xxxxxx.jpg",
            "copyright": "",
            "contentType": "image/jpeg"