With Sherpa.ai Conversational AI's infrastructure and toolbox, developers can build their own contextual assistants or chatbots

Sherpa.ai Conversational AI is an API service for creating speech and text dialogue assistants and chatbots. It offers dialogue and natural language comprehension functionalities, which can be incorporated into new or existing applications. Give users new ways to interact with your products and services by building speech and text-based conversational interfaces using existing domains or by building your own.

With Sherpa.ai Conversational AI, you can have end-to-end management of your assistant which allows you to:

  • Understand messages quickly and accurately
  • Use Machine Learning to understand what your users are saying and learn from conversations
  • Integrate an assistant or chatbot into an operational system
  • Choose the domains you need
  • Build your own (private) domain
  • Give your users a conversational interface
  • Maintain ownership of your users' data

Sherpa.ai Conversational AI offers the following services:

  • Conversational System: Sherpa.ai's conversational system comprises strong and innovative natural dialogue technology that permits communication between human and machine, through the use of Natural Language Processing techniques.
  • Intelligent IoT System: Connect, automate, and use voice commands with any electronic device including business, home, and car devices. Sherpa.ai can be integrated with the most well-known Internet of Things providers.

Available Sherpa.ai Conversational AI Domains

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Date & Time

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General Knowledge

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Social Dialogue

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Stock Market

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Music Search

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Music Player Control

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TV Programming

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On This Day

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Device Control

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Currency Conversion

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Social Networks

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Home Automation

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Automobile Controls

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Private Domains


I visited the company headquarters in Bilbao and I was impressed with their Artificial Intelligence technology. Among the Digital Assistant companies that I have seen, I am most excited by the Sherpa.ai product and team, that’s why I decided to join them.


  • Co-founder and former CTO of Siri
  • Former Head of Siri Advanced Development Group at Apple

Use Cases

Create an Intelligent, Conversational Household Sidekick

Increase the value of your appliances and devices, by allowing users to control them verbally. Innovatively facilitate users day-to-day tasks, like preheating the oven, adding items to a shopping list, and checking the thermostat, by employing conversational technology.

Develop Mobile-Connected Smart Speakers

Give your users the ability to interact with a smart speaker that connects to their mobile device, so they can ask all kinds of questions and perform a variety of tasks and actions. Simply by speaking naturally, users can receive verbal and visual feedback. Choose from a wide range of prebuilt domains to help users plan their day, organize their calendar, book flights, search for hotels and restaurants, find something to watch, or build a private domain.

Integrate a Smart Voice Assistant Into Vehicles

Add conversational intelligence to your vehicle and improve user experience, by building a conversational car interface that can answer questions quickly and can carry out actions such as turning up the music, turning down the heat, and even turning on the headlights.