Content Analysis API Reference Content Analysis AI is a REST API that provides developers with a framework and toolbox to formulate any request for, by using standard syntax technologies like HTTP Rest Services with a predefined set of URLs.

API Endpoints

The Content Analysis AI API is a set of HTTP endpoints that help integrate with your app. These endpoints accept parameters as JSON in the request body and return results as JSON in the response body.

All Content Analysis AI API endpoints will be served on

Sentiment Analysis/sentiment-analysis/polaritiesPOSTAnalyze the sentiment of a sentence or text

Header Parameters

All the API calls must send common parameters in the header.

Request HeaderDescription
X-API-KeyYour public API Key.
ex: 73dbb14a-50d9-4277-897e-6cb48258d258
Content-TypeThe request format of the body.
It will be always application/json.


Each endpoint method will have a parameter table with explanatory information, along with an example. In this table, information will be provided for each field, like 'source', 'mandatory', 'type', and 'description'.

  • Field
    Parameter field
  • Source
    Where the parameter has to be placed

    • Query
      Parameter is part of the URL
    • Body
      The parameter is set inside the body payloads part of a POST/PUT type method request. These parameters will be in JSON format and will require the corresponding header to be set:

      -H  "content-type: application/json"
  • Mandatory
    Whether parameter is mandatory or not
  • Type
    Value type [String, Integer, etc.]
  • Description
    Additional information